Why Book With Us

El Salvador Revealed is a small independent company with low overheads – and a limited cost base compared to many of our competitors. Unlike some operators we do not have to support and fund an expensive corporate infrastructure. We pass this saving and benefit on to you, and provide your travel booking at a very competitive and value-for-money price.

El Salvador Revealed also offers all clients a price-guarantee service where if, prior to booking with El Salvador Revealed, you receive from anyone else a lower-priced quote for exactly the same holiday, or if you are sent a quote by another supplier for an alternative holiday covering slightly different things that you prefer but at a cheaper price than we are offering, we will always work with our suppliers to obtain a revised quote to offer you the exact same thing at a lower price than anyone else in the market.

El Salvador Revealed also manages foreign exchange risk on your behalf as we pay for the underlying $US dollar payment required with Central American travel; whereas you, our client, pay a fixed UK Sterling amount, agreed at the point of booking – thereby protecting you from any potential loss arising from any subsequent exchange rate fluctuations when you come to pay your balance.

El Salvador Revealed staff have travelled extensively in Guatemala. This means our Staff and Management have visited the places and hotels where you are wanting to travel – so we are in an informed position to provide our clients with expert advice and guidance to ensure the holiday and travel arrangements you book will best match your requirements.

El Salvador Revealed can save you time, resource and money by sourcing and booking a complex multi-centre, multi-faceted tailor-made trip – doing all the research and legwork on your behalf. We help ease and simplify the process of coordinating a mix of flights, transfers, hotels and excursions involving multiple suppliers in a developing economy environment in a different time zone, with a different language and culture. You, our client, only have to make one payment to one English-speaking supplier and only have to deal with one person in the UK to organise the whole trip.

El Salvador Revealed has an established and proven, ongoing track record of success in delivering extended, multi-faceted, tailor-made, travel; and our travel team has an eye for detail and project-management skills which are essential when organising multi-faceted travel arrangements.

An El Salvador Revealed booking is a single seamless coordinated package making one single payment for a tailor-made inter-linked package, whereby, if anything goes wrong with one element we sort it out and link to the rest of the trip (however unlikely or infrequent – think volcanic ash, air traffic delay, transfer problem, hotel closure etc.). In this way there is little or no knock-on impact on any other element of your trip – which would not be the case if you were independently to book each element separately.

The El Salvador Revealed team coordinates everything to do with your booking and travel arrangements for you, and you have one single point of contact with whom to liaise, and reference anything to do with any aspect of your holiday, rather than multiple contacts points. Thereafter, we continue to provide you with post-travel continuity – so if you have any after-sales issues on return from your trip, we are here in the UK and available to contact.

El Salvador Revealed is part of Revealed Travel an established reputable regulated ATOL-bonded UK Tour Operator, and is a member of ABTA through our parent company Mercator Enterprises. We abide by ABTA’s code of practice, which is designed to protect the interests of the travel consumer. El Salvador Revealed is also a member of LATA (the Latin America Travel Association) the UK’s leading trade association and network for promoting responsible travel to the Latin America region, and we support and abide by LATA’s stringent Health & Safety policies.

El Salvador Revealed’s expert, local in-country Ground Operators are there for you to call on throughout your entire trip – from arrival to departure. They provide all our client’s with excellent support, advice and information – as required. Discreet and unobtrusive they remain in the background, but are there to help if, and whenever, you need to call on them. Whatever the aspect of your booking with which you need support, they are there to help.

  • Hotels
  • Transfers
  • Tours & Excursions
  • Health & Safety
  • Hints & Tips
  • Where to Eat
  • What to Do & See
  • Help in an Emergency

… we provide you with access to a local 24/7 English language Help Line; and people on the ground to help as required.

Don’t just take our word for it, see our Testimonials page to further review the benefit of booking your travel arrangements through El Salvador Revealed and Revealed Travel. This link will take you to a series of real-life, attributed and genuine client testimonials providing comment and feedback and recommendations gathered over an extended period from a large number of our satisfied clients which they have posted on our site following their return from trips booked through us.